Still Life

Acer Feathers
Jar of Bells
Cherry Blossom Bowl
Hydrangea Blue
Cerise Dahlia
Blue Jug of Hydrangea
Spring Delights
Two Pink Columbines
Pressed Lilac
Primroses on Delphinium
Purple Pansy in Victorias teacup
Peony Bloom on Petals
May Flowers in Cornish Jug
Floating Anemone
Hydrangea Jug
Full Bloom
Frilled Purple Sweet peas
Columbines Together
Spring Press Blues
Columbine Botanicals
Botanical Stock
All in Pink
Hydrangea Winter Skeletons
Anemone Still Life and Music
Art Deco Teacup and Spring Flowers
Cup of Forget Me Nots
Winter Skeletons and Seeds
Spring Bouquet
Pressed Bluebells
Lensbaby Winter Allium
Battered Old Master
My Pink Rambling Roses
My Green Jug of Peonies
Garden Hydrangea
Forget Me Nots in Pink Teacup
Black and White Pears
Cosmos Jug
August Blooms
Hydrangea Autumn Blooms
Gyp in a Vase
Cosmos and Queen Annes Lace Vase
Gypsophila In Glass Vase
Dried Allium Abstract
Lensbaby Cosmos
Cosmos Pinks and Whites
Allium Layered Stars
Bronze Allium
Cosmos and China